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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

The first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted 20 years ago today! Also, check out the new section of the official website celebrating the 20th anniversary.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, the costumed action super heroes are taking in the sights and sounds of Manhattan! Times Square! Wall Street! New York Stock Exchange! Subway!

Power Rangers Fast Facts:

  • Launched in 1993 as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — and quickly became most-watched TV program in the US and is the No 1 live-action kids action series on TV
  • The Power Rangers franchise is seen in more than 150 markets around the world, translated into numerous languages, and is a mainstay in the most prominent international children’s programming blocks.
  • To mark the 20th anniversary, Power Rangers is launching an all-new television series Power Rangers Megaforce which airs on Nickelodeon.
  • Power Rangers teach kids and families how to put the Power Rangers values of teamwork, confidence, health and physical activity into action and exercise curriculum resources to more than 100,000 teachers annually.
Friday, February 8th, 2013

I have only just got around to watching the last few seasons since Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. I thoroughly enjoyed every season up to and including Power Rangers Mystic Force (except some of the first half of Power Rangers Turbo) but Operation Overdrive was a very difficult season for me to watch. There were a few good episodes, especially the episodes featuring the past rangers and the revelation of the Red Ranger’s identity. But apart from that I have to say that Operation Overdrive was probably one of my least favourite seasons and I found myself avoiding watching it and other subsequent seasons as a result. Many of the Overdrive episodes were poorly written, it took me a long time to relate to the characters and I found that the so called wire-fu (martial arts choreography achieved using invisible wires attached to the stunt actors) had all but replaced any actual martial arts skills.

With the announcement of the 20th Anniversary season Power Rangers Megaforce, I decided it was time I caught up on recent events in order to properly enjoy the anniversary celebrations. I can’t see myself ever getting around to doing full reviews of seasons but I did want to say a few things about the episodes I had missed:

Power Rangers Jungle Fury was a very enjoyable season in the end but I did find it started out with some of the same gripes as with Operation Overdrive. But I really enjoyed R.J’s character and the overall development of the team members was exciting to watch. The wire-fu was still a staple of many of the fight scenes but it was made up for by the well written “rangers in training” story line, making the characters far easier to relate to than with Operation Overdrive.

I must admit I was shocked in a really good way when I finally got round to seeing Disney’s final season – Power Rangers R.P.M. I’d heard it had a darker tone but I never expecting to see a post-apocalyptic theme in Power Rangers. This was quite a bold move for a show that’s obviously for kids but it really felt like the Disney writers had finally heard the cries of Adult fans and it’s among my top 5 seasons to date. I can’t say there were any filler type episodes, each instalment added something to the overall story arc and the “end of the world” feel made the threat posed by the villains seem a lot more believable. When I first saw designs for the original Sentai series – Engine Sentai Go-Onger, I was not really fond of the suit / mecha designs. But the exceptional story telling and darker tone of this season actually made them grow on me.

Power Rangers Samurai started a little weak for me but halfway through the first season it got a lot better. It was great to see the return of Ricardo Medina of (Cole Evans – Red Wildforce Ranger) but who’d have guessed he’d be playing a bad guy?! Despite the continuity issues this raises (why does Cole look just like Deker? lol) his portrayal of Deker is enjoyably gritty. This is also the first time that Power Rangers has added it’s own suit / weapon designs to the original Sentai footage and they Mega Mode suits look awesome! By the end of the first season, I’d grown quite fond of the Samurai cast and had definitely developed a soft spot for Emily the Yellow Ranger.

While the first season mainly focuses on the training and growth of the team as with most recent Power Rangers seasons, I must admit I’d been longing to see a team of well trained rangers as with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Zeo. Master Xandred also seemed a little weak as far as main villains go throughout most of the first season. But I’m glad the second season – Power rangers Super Samurai seemed to focus more on a strong, developed team fighting an impending final battle with the Nighlok and also strengthening Master Xandred’s character as a fearsome threat to the world. I felt that the last scenes in the final episode could have been better. It was strange to think that a season with such a strong friendship vibe would end with the rangers parting ways like they’d never been friends at all, especially after having such an adventure together. But I understand that the writers were probably intending to show the rangers being freed of their inherited responsibilities as rangers.

The teamup movie felt very rushed which is strange considering it was longer than your average episode. I felt Scott’s character was almost nothing like the noble fighter pilot we saw in the R.P.M season but rather spends most of his time being arrogant and obnoxious to the Samurai team whether under the monster’s influence or not. It would have been nice to see the whole R.P.M team reprise their roles and have a little more interaction with the new team.

It’s nice to be back up to date with my favourite show again. I have now seen every episode to date and it was great fun having a Power Rangers episode marathon catching myself up. It’s also great to see Haim Saban at the helm of Power Rangers once again, the quality of the show and the American released toys have really improved since his return and I can’t wait to see what else Saban have planned for the Anniversary. I saw the first episode of Megaforce when it aired and I really enjoyed the references to Day of the Dumpster! Man I want that Morpher!!